A delightful goodnight book with a difference! A book that kids will love and parents will enjoy reading over and over!


This charming goodnight book tells the story of a little bear getting ready to go to sleep. The story goes through the usual night-time routine of packing up toys, having a wash and ends with the little bear being tucked in bed with a cuddly toy.


What’s particularly appealing about this goodnight story is the little bear's appreciation of the things that were part of the day. The story begins with the little bear joyfully saying a heartfelt thank you to everything, big and small - the toys, games, books and balloons. On the way to bed, the little bear, opens the window to thank the stars, the birds and the trees for being part of the day. And the story ends with the little bear falling asleep, while saying thank you to the parents for making it a beautiful day!


This book has been beautifully illustrated with a cute and loveable little bear. The bear hasn't been gender stereotyped, so that little girls and boys can both identify with the bear, alike. The rich colours and detail in the artwork will engage and enthrall the kids! A unique feature of the book is the creative use of the colour palette. The colours transition from bright and vibrant at the start of the book, to dark and calming as the story progresses and the bear heads off to bed to fall asleep.


This goodnight book stands out from other books in it's genre as it weaves in the concept of showing gratitude. Its a welcome book at a time where mindful living and showing gratitude and appreciation is gaining more rightful focus.


I am a writer, who writes with the intention of recreating magic, in the most ordinary settings.  I am also a photographer and a nerd at heart with a recently acquired expert skill of juggling - educating, stimulating and keeping up with a preschooler while also chasing my dreams.


Anitha K Appuhamy


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